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Bellatrix Le Strange

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Finally 50 books this year! [Nov. 14th, 2010|10:24 pm]
Bellatrix Le Strange
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When I started this about 4 years ago I thought I'd never keep it up, it's quite addictive to keep count actually!

#45 “SG-1 A matter of honour” by Sally Malcolm
Good read for fans but found characters a bit inconsistent to how they actually are on the show. Still good though.
#46. “Watership Down” by Richard Adams
Most amazing book I've read this year. Everyone remembers being traumatised by the cartoon as a child and it was very faithful to the book. However, the book was so gripping and brilliantly written, I especially love the rabbits culture, language and storytelling. Highly recommended.

#47 “Dreamhunters” by Neil Gaiman (ills. Amano)
A re-read. Not only some of the most stunning art you're ever likely to see in a graphic novel, the story is beautiful and timeless. Love this.

#48. “Coraline” by Neil Gaiman
Fantastic little adventure, I had seen the movie first and it's pretty faithful :D

#49. “Stardust” by Neil Gaiman
Again I had seen and loved the movie adaptation but there are vital differences in each. Both brilliant but I think I prefer the original story. It reads just how a proper fairytale should. I felt like a kid again reading this :)

#50. “Fear and loathing on the campaign Trail '72” by Hunter S Thompson
As usual I just love Thompson's style of writing. It's a mix of poignant observation and emotion and some absurd scenes that sound just weirs enough to be true...A historical election campaign made even more memorable. Read this even if you have no interest in presidential elections.