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Bellatrix Le Strange

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Writer's Block: Happy, happy, joy, joy [Mar. 9th, 2011|10:05 pm]
Bellatrix Le Strange

Which song makes you happy every time you hear it, and why?
"Do you Realise" by The flaming Lips

[User Picture]From: jazznut85
2011-06-21 06:50 am (UTC)
It's funny. I have a co-worker that listens to nothing but what he calls indie rock. This is a cover, I have realized, that he uses to describe alternative rock bands that no one has ever heard of besides him and maybe a small handful of people. Living in the northwest, there seem to be a lot of these.

Anyways, saw you on 50bookchallenge, and thought you seemed cool. As a fellow heavy reader, aspiring writer, jazz and classical lover and regular NPR listener, I consider myself to be a nerd. With that in mind, let's be friends!
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