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Been so long...

Well darn, it seems that nobody even reads this wasteland

I find the more time I spend on facebook the more I hate myself for it, Livejournal is still the original and best online passtime. It doesn't demand that you contribute ALL the time but is still the site I enjoy reading through the most.
Theres something a little depressing about posting on facebook and getting 6 responses instantly...somehow I get the impression that everone hears but no ones listening...

Between loosing regular internet access and just reading more than I post on here it's gotten a bit boring to have me and a friends list. Oh well, new beginnings and most importantly No complaining :D

Still working for the civil service and every bit the cliched pen-pusher Im afraid. Still, I feel incredibly lucky to have a job in our current financial climate. Since my last regular post I have also become a complete Gym-addict. Those two words shouldn't go together but they have:D

I hope my virtual hopes find anyone who reads this well :D

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