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#28- 32

#28- 32

28. “Dietrich von Hildebrand: Soul of a Lion” by Alice Von Hildebrand
Biography about a Catholic Theologian and philosopher whose public protest about the Nazi regime got him onto their public enemies list. An interesting read as written by 2nd Hildebrand’s wife. I enjoyed this but it was leant to me by my father who has a great interest in Theology -I think he could probably appreciate it more because of that!

29. “Pyramids” by Terry Pratchett
I loved this like I love all Terry Pratchett books, one of the few I haven’t read yet.
Set in Discworld (of course :D) I enjoyed that the Assassins guild got more of a focus in this one! :D
Like most of the Discworld books they can be enjoyed either as a serial fan or a first time reader.

30. “Deathbird Stories” by Harlan Ellison
I have wanted to read this ever since reading “American god’s by Neil Gaiman :D I have always loved the notion of old gods adapting and new gods springing into existence for modern creations. Each story is about a God in some way, many different styles and feelings to each one. Really enjoyed it.

31. “Drop dead Gorgeous” by Wayne Simmons
This has a graphic novel feel to it I think :D
At first I was drawn to it because it’s a dystopic/diaster story set in Belfast, N. Ireland (where I live), these big storylines tend to take place in big cities like Tokyo or Manhattan so I thought it was a nice touch! Basically-an unknown affliction kills the vast majority of the population one Sunday morning. Although a many of the bodies of the fallen strangely do not decompose, in fact looking fresher than lifelike…
The narrative is written largely as ‘snapshots’, or short chapters focusing on a few of the main characters before any of them meet and try to make sense of the situation. Initially I liked this as you get to know each character, their reactions, the baggage they’re already carrying into the tragedy.etc. Though after a while this began to annoy me a little, the narrative got a bit busy for me by jumping from main characters to random survivors so frequently. It did eventually come together in the end and was pleased that it was pretty original. Overall it was pretty enjoyable.

32. “Good Omens” by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
A re-read. Love, love, love this book :D
It’s funny without being just a comedy or spoofy novel. Obviously it does spoof “The Omen” to begin with but it takes a journey all of its own after that.
After the child of Satan, Harbinger of the apocalypse is sent to earth friends/enemies/acquaintances Azriphale (an Angel) and Crowley (a Demon) take a vested interest in the boys progress, both have come to like earth and would rather it didn’t burn down. Needless to say things get complicated from the offset! Funny, brilliant and addictive. Highly recommended! :D

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