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Catastrophic system failure at work! Yay!
That means I can justify browsing LJ and doing very little :D

Chugging along as ususal, kind of annoyed that I haven't had the motivation to contiue exercising since the weather got bad. In a silly, silly, advertisement-influenced decision I have bought Wi-fi plus to try motivate myself :D
I am now addicted to the hula hooping thing that makes you look

Also: HARRY POTTER ON FRIDAY! :D Can't wait though in all honesty I think it's bound to be slightly disappointing because they've cut the last book in two. Still, can't wait.
Also going to see Gogol Bordello on Sunday night, should be a blast!

Just to top off this fabulous day I had a chocolate teacake for breakfast. (I'm starting to see the flaws in my exercise plan...I ReGReT NoTHiNG!)

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