#21- 27- I'm bored at work and haven't posted in ages *sigh*

21. “The Strain” by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan.
I love that even after all the Vampire movies/books/ TV shows that have gone before, Vampire stories can still be new, exciting and really scary. Although Vampirism as a contagion isn’t a new premise this story felt new, I like the cross between the old lore of the Vampires in a modern setting and context. Can’t wait to read the next one.

22. “Human is?” by Phillip K. Dick
A collection of short stories that I hadn’t come across. The man was a genius. Pure and simple :D Highly recommended.

23. “The Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman
Unquestionably one of the best books Gaiman has ever written. I couldn’t put it down. I always liked children’s books that don’t spare the gory details; it makes the story so much better.

24. “The private memoirs and confessions of a justified sinner” by James Hogg
I am amazed that this book is not better known, it could fall so neatly in line with such greats as “Jekyll and Hyde” and “Frankenstein”. The book is written in two parts- the first part is an “editor’s narrative” recounting unfortunate events between two estranged half-brothers. The narrative recounts all circumstances surrounding one brother’s fateful end in a historic manner. The second part contains the memoirs of the vindictive and zealous younger brother and his account of supernatural events that led his end. I liked this format; it makes any supernatural account a lot. It is terrible and utterly readable! :D

25. “Nation” by Terry Pratchett.
After reading and loving so many of Pratchett’s Discworld novels it was quite strange to read one set in something resembling Earth! :D This book was just brilliant. Read it. ‘Nuff Said.

26. “Monstrous Regiment” by Terry Pratchett
I couldn’t stay away from Discworld for long! :D A new setting but some familiar faces from previous novels appear. This was funny and serious all in one; there were actually some surprisingly sad bits too. You don’t have to have read any of his other books to love this. Being a huge Pratchett fan already it just made me love him even more.

27. “The Vesuvius Club” by Mark Gatiss
This is the most enjoyable book I’ve read this year.
I am madly in love with the Edwardian gentleman Spy, Mr Lucifer Box.
Spending his time between his painting and working for her majesty’s secret service, he is tasked with unravelling the disappearance of Britain’s leading Vulcanologists. This book is cheeky, funny and written in the perfect style. It also has some of the best character names I’ve ever seen. Read it, read it, read it! lol
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Books 4-8

In Lieu of any actual news- my updated 50 book challenge:
(Yes, I am considering getting a life)

Books 4-8
#4. "If Chins could Kill: Confessions of a B-movie actor" By Bruce Campbell
Do you already know who Bruce Campbell is and love such classics as "Evil Dead1 1-3" and "Bubba Ho-tep"? Did you only truly enjoy the "Spiderman" movies because of a certain Wrestling announcer, a theatre doorman and a maitre-d' at a restaurant? Then you should read this book. Otherwise I'm not sure you'll get the same enjoyment out of it that I did... :D

#5. "Stargate-SG-1: Hydra" by Holly Scott and Jamie Duncan
Nerd-tastic :D Fans of the show will definitely enjoy.

#6. "The Phantom of the Opera" by Gaston LeRoux
Camp brilliance. The kind of book from this era that I love to get immersed in, it is epic and fantastic.

#7. "The Liar" by Stephen Fry
Highly recommened. Fry is an absolutely brilliant writer and I really love his talent for writing dialogue. I think this book reminded me a lot of peices from his auto-biography "Moab is my Washpot"- I think it's a safe assumption that he drew on his experience at boarding school for the beginning of the book at least. Brilliant and unexpected ending :D

#8. "Regeneration" by Pat Barker.
A Fictional account of War poet Siegfried Sassoon's stay at Craiglockhart hospital during WWII after writing his famous "Soldier's Declaration", damning the continuation of the war.
I'm usually quite wary of fictionalised accounts of real people but I thoroughly enjoyed this and feel that it was well enough researched to be entertaining without being ridiculous. I also appreciated that the focus of the story was not centred on either support or denial of Sassoon's view of the war. While it is important and addressed, it doesn't drive the story.
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2010 1-3

Thanks to my extended X-mas holidays and some half-started reads, here are my first 3 books of 2010! :D

#1. "A Christmas Carol (and "a crichet on the hearth") by Charles Dickens
I can't believe I had never got around to reading this. I think that I've seen so many adaptations that I thought I knew it inside out! Loved it, was actually surprised to find how funny some of it was!

#2. "The Art of Happiness" By HH. Dali Lama and Howard C Cutler.
Initially I found this a very hard read to get into but ultimately I really enjoyed it. It focuses mainly on how somw Quasi Buddist teachings are combined with psychological principles for everyday use.

#3. "Vernon God Little" by DBC Pierre.
Unpredictable, unfair and unbelievably enjoyable. More than anything the author's style of writing and turn of phrase made me finish this book within a day. For a novel that deals with some serious and terrible real life parallels, its focus is perfect. Sometimes Gritty, sometimes hilarious. Highly recommended!

Lets hope the rest of my reads are this satisfying... :D

Back to work tomorrow, but better to go back to a 3 day week I suppose! :P
Be shiney all.
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Goodbye 2009! Happy new year everybody!

Goodbye 2009! 50-7
Once again we ring in an entirely new 50 book challenge! Bring on the books!
Here are my last reads of 2009 (must try to post more regularly on here in 2010 :D )

#50. "Dexter by Design" by Jeff Lindsey
I enjoyed this more than the last Dexter book which disappointed me a lot. I feel that the dark humour and twisted plots I initially loved were recovered here. Liked it.

#51. "Battlestar Galactica: Echoes of Caprica"
Of all the possible scope for a fan continuation I felt that this storyline was particularly weak. Disappointing.However pedantic, completist sci-fi collectors such as myself will need to buy

#52. "Batman: The long Halloween"
I absolutely loved this. The story was brilliantly written with a fresh and surprising end. I confess that I took so long to read this because I knew it centered around Harvey Dent's origins, which I felt pretty well versed in (a phrase about books and their covers springs to mind!). Highly recommended.

#53. "Umbrella Academy #2" by Gerard Way
I love this story and its characters. It's such a funny and tragic futurism that you can't help but turn the page. Still good but not as fresh as the initial graphic novel in my humble opinion.

#54. "Cthulu Tales: The Darkness Beyond"
A Graphic novel with short stories based on lovecraft's horrific concepts. Great collection :D
I especially loved the comedic shorts.

#55. "Sandman: A game of you"
#56. "Sandman: Brief Lives" By Neil Gaiman.
Both Re-reads, still fantastic and uncomparable. Of all the stories/fandoms/concepts I love, this is the series I hope is never adapted to a movie/series. I don't beleive it can be done successfully. Highly, highly recommended.

#57. "Freakangels" by Warren Ellis
I remember reading this online and loving it. Finally out as a graphic novel. It's not a particularly new concept but extremely readable.

Happy New Year to you all :D
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#26- 34

A rush job as usual! This goes back a little way and it does have more than my share of children's books (Way more since I'm

26. "Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norrell" by Susanna Clarke.
My favourite book this year by far. I've heard critics complain about the unnecessary length of the book but I think it fits perfectly with the genre this book emmulates so so well. Love it and highly recommend it!

27. "Come like Shadows" by Simon Raven

28. "lowside of the road: alife of Tom Waits" by Barney Hoskyns
Besides feeling every so guilty about being a waits fan and buying a biography that i know the man himself never wanted to happen...a good read. Made even better by the fact that I got to meet the Author at a special waits cover gig :D

29. "The tradgedy of man" by Imre Maduch

30. "Lucifer: Devil in the gateway" by Mike Carey
Like everyone who read the "Sandman" series I have wanted to read all the spin-of series. This doesn't disappoint.

31. "The invention of Hugo Cabret" by Brain Selznick.

32. "The birthday of the World" by Ursula Le Guin
This woman is genius, sci-fi needn't be all lazers and spaceships. Brilliant.

33. "F**k it" by John C. Parkin
I just loved it that there was a self-help book with this title. The message is clear and it works. Just sigh, say f*k it and the stress will fall away :D

34. "Skulduggery Pleasant" by Derek Landry.
Really loved this, some great dialogue but most definitely set for a younger audience. Still worth a read!
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Catch up..

AS usual this place needs some house keeping, I never update anymore!:(

Oh well, I'm boring anyway!:D

Going on Holidays to Costa Brava, Spain tomorrow evening! Eeeee!
Can't wait! I've never gone for the whole package holiday thing but I'm just dying to get away somewhere nice to lie around reading and taking up space! :D
Hopefully we'll get up to Barcelona for a day or two to see the sites.

Muchos LJ to all (My spanish is good, eh? ;D )

50 Book Challenge update:

18- "After Dark" by Haruki Murakami
I love the visual style, he walks us through the narrative like a director does a movie scene.

19- "The Umbrella Academy" by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba
Awesome but somehow a little disjointed.

20- "The Snake's Pass" by Bram Stoker
I wasn't sure what to expect with this but it is absolutely a love story with a moral tale wrapped in. Initially I was a bit annoyed as an Irish person to hear 5 "Begor!'s" in a paragraph but theres something very endearing about this book and I ended up liking it.

21- "Abhorsen" by Garth Nix
I loved this Trilogy. I think "Sabriel" is my still my favourite but this ending didn't disappoint me :D

22- "Buffy the vampire slayer: Time of your life" by Joss Whedon
Ok but i expected so much more :(

23- "Age of Desire" by Clive Barker (Graphic novel. ills. Timothy Bradstreet)
Disturbingly brilliant, I need to read the novel.

24. "The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes" by A.C. Doyle
I've been watching the old TV series for years and i can't believe it's taken me this long to read this! Really Brilliant, Holmes is such a lovelable eccentric, i love the formula of each crime solved. After reading this I realise how brilliantly cast the TV series had been!
I wonder how the new movie is going to stand up? :D

25. "The Scarlet Letter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne
I adored this book. It's so brilliantly written and atmospheric, highly receommended.
However, I think I would have enjoyed it that tiny bit more if there had been no conclusion chapter. Maybe it's just me!
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The Land of livejournal is now strange and foreign to me...*Wanders around opening doors and looking in drawers*

I swear by Grabthar's hammer, by the suns of Warvan I *shall* start posting again!! :D

Nowt much amazing with me, am very much looking forward to visiting my lovely sis Darkelfqueen in about a week!
We're going to see ACDC and a show of the music from LOTR. Wheeee!

Also went to a fabulous gig to see Bellx1 last night, they were brilliant, even though it's my friend who the big fan.

I also turn 24 a week today! Aaahhh! Thats so weird, I'm practically a grown up ;D

But bigger still, I realy can't wait to see the new Wolverine movie. It has deadpool in it...DEADPOOL! *GEekGaSm*
I have a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that it will be pants though- I REALLY hope I'm wrong!
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16th? Holy crap!!

It's so bizarre that its X-mas next week! Can't get my head arounf it. For the first year since I was 16 I won't have studying OR work around X-mas and I've been feeling very christmassy because I haven't been working in retail.

REALLY makes X-mas more enjoyable!

(no subject)

Wow, I really don't get to post in this thing!lol

Main news is that I was burgaled last week, me and lovely gothicDraco got our laptops stolen from our rooms. As you may imagine I was, of course, enraged. I had all my photos and music, tv shows I hadn't watched yet and I'm pretty sure the only copy of my dissertation (1 year to write and research) was on it. I'm just hoping that I had the wit to back most of it onto my mums computer first. I feel really bad for gothicdraco because her laptop was brand new, 3 weeks old.
Mostly I'm just so angry that some thieving little shit was in my house looking through my things.
But alas, live goes least I know what I want for

As an extra kick, my horoscope the day I was robbed:

"Mars remains in your solar eigth house and you are still in a good position to dump anything that is either outmoded or devoid of any real use. Aries travels best when it travels light and that is certainly true at the present time. You may even be quite ruthless in your determination to get rid of anything unnecessary"

Lots going on for once, been very busy with work and have hopefully got 23rd-5th Jan off using only 6 of my days annual leave! I'm also getting next wednedsay/thursday/friday off. Being a civil servant is soooo hard ;D
The work is getting alot more documented and pissy which I'm not enjoying much, I just can't wait to get off for a while.
At work at the minute, have had 1 day off in the last 2 weeks. Kerrie brain not good...Kerrie sleep now....
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